In the past, travelling by train was the most common way to journey to far off places.

Nowadays, almost everyone travels by plane instead.

Train Travellers is a travel documentary in which we follow Kioni (25) as she travels through Southeastern Europe.

Kioni grew up in Greece and has lived in Belgium since 2010. Usually she visits her friends and family in Greece by plane, but this time she decides to do it differently.

And so, she takes the plane to Athens, Greece and then travels all the way back to Antwerp, Belgium by train.

We follow Kioni as she travels through 12 countries and visits 10 cities along the way (Athens, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Budapest, Belgrade, Bar, Split, Zagreb, Laško and Bled).

In every city Kioni experiences something unique,

something that the average tourist won’t come across to easily. From visiting a train graveyard to partying in a spa, and from milking a goat to learning how to bake a traditional dish, you will see it all!

Travelling by train is an important element in the film. Kioni uses day trains, watching beautiful landscapes go by but also night trains, each time waking up to a new city, waiting to be explored.

It is an exciting journey full of unexpected twists and turns, humor and fascinating encounters with fellow travellers.

Through the way everything is filmed by Boaz and presented by Kioni herself, the viewer feels as though they are travelling alongside Kioni through all those beautiful countries.

So pack your bags and hop on board!




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